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Nutrilera is a division of Firstmed Pharma dedicated to advancing the medical nutrition and super funcional therapeutic food industry.

Nutrilera develops and distributes nutrition-medicine products for the nutritionally at risk who are under medical supervision. We focus on evidence-based research to develop better clinical outcomes for nursing home residents, dialysis patients, Diabetic , Post Surgery Wound Patients, Intestinal health and bariatric surgery patients.

Our primary customers are long-term care facilities, hospitals, dialysis clinics and bariatric surgery clinics and their patients who looking for a source of natural herbs which will help improve their health and live better lives.

Health care professionals and their patients trust us to provide cutting-edge nutrition products from organically grown herbs that will meet changing nutrition needs. And we deliver on their expectations—providing a vast array of nutritional and funcional supper foods that have therapeutic value that help children and adults grow, work to keep bodies strong, and support the unique needs of patients with chronic illnesses.


Through observational studies, clinical experience and controlled trials, we and our team of medical advisors have detailed positive clinical outcomes on a wide range of common disorders, including: pressure ulcers, unintended weight loss, sarcopenia, cachexia (muscle wasting), surgical wounds, protein energy malnutrition, hypoalbuminemia among end stage renal disease patients on dialysis, management of chronic bowel irregularity, urinary tract infections, and intestinal health. Our research and development continues to focus on new science enabling the development of solutions to promote healthy aging and improve the quality of life in the rapidly growing elder population.

Over 90% of our nutrients are furnished from natural plant products from around the world.

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