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Where previously medical nutrition was mainly used to address malnutrition, medical nutrition solutions are increasingly being developed to treat or prevent diseases. Americans are suffering from chronic health problems such as Obesity, Hypertension, Joint pain, Sarcopenia, Depression, Fatigue, poor Immune response, Infertility, and many more related to food choices, lifestyle habits, and the environment. Nutritional insufficiencies and environmental stress can often be corrected to restore optimal nutritional health before serious health problems emerge.The term used to manage medical conditions through nutritional intervention is Medical Nutrition Therapy or MNT.

Many medical conditions occur due to stress and poor dietary habits. Nutrition therapy is the science of proper diet, lifestyle strategies and therapeutic nutrient intervention to correct nutritional insufficiencies, promote optimal health, and prevent, manage, or correct medical problems. Complimentary nutrition therapy optimizes nutritional health in order to enhance medical care and treatment.

Medical Nutritional products are an important part of nutrition therapy in preventing and caring for patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, renal deficiency, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Heart disease.

For conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension or high blood pressure, and non-insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus most physicians will recommend that the individual try to reverse the problem with diet and lifestyle changes before prescribing medication or other forms of treatment. There are situations where an individual is unable to make dietary changes necessary to manage their condition or the illness is caused by genetic inheritance or injury.


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