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At Firstmed, we're inspired by a single goal: your health. That's why we're dedicated to developing new, safe medicines to prevent and treat the world's most serious diseases. And why we are making them available to the people who need them most. We believe that from progress comes hope and the promise of a healthier world.

Firstmed is a global medical nutrition and OTC leader. We save and improve lives by developing, producing and distributing high-quality, affordable pharmaceuticals and nutritional foods. Thanks to our increasing global network, Firstmed medicines are now available to more people worldwide. In addition to direct cost savings to patients, we contribute to the stability of healthcare systems worldwide and free up resources for new and innovative medicines.

At Firstmed, we make far more than just traditional off-patent medicines. We stand out from the crowd thanks to our ability to develop and produce a wide range of  difficult-to-make products ranging from complex delivery systems for standard generics through to modern biopharmaceutical medicines (biosimilars).

Our new line of functional foods called Nutrilera will begin researching native foods for nutritional content and bio-activity which can have therapeutic uses. Our new product Nutra Crunch is one example of this research. To learn more see Nutrilera information page.

Its is a simple one, Be Excellente in everything we do form the little things to the big things.
Business Vision
Allways provide a service to people. Provide a value.
Social Vision
During our Company's operations we will try to always practice green chemistry practices in order to protect the environment.
We will establish assistance programs in local communities where herbal research is conducted. We will pay a fair trade prices for all raw materials from local farms.
We will establish assistance programs in local communities where herbal research is conducted.